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Etodesnitazene Etazon available to be purchased online is another manufactured narcotic looking similar to etonitazene, an engineered narcotic that is broadly and globally controlled. Purchase Etodesnitazene Online is different in construction to engineered narcotics normally experienced in scientific casework (e.g., fentanyl, heroin); nonetheless, a few analogs of this series (known as “nitazenes”) have as of late arisen in a few nations all over the planet.Buy Etazene Etodesnitazene Online
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In vitro pharmacological information show that etodesnitazene is a functioning narcotic agonist which is roughly multiple times less powerful than fentanyl (a typical peculiarity for analogs missing the 5-nitro bunch) yet multiple times more strong than morphine.
Etodesnitazene (Desnitroetonitazene, Etazen, Etazene, Etazone) is a benzimidazole determined narcotic pain-relieving drug, which was initially evolved in the last part of the 1950s close by etonitazene and a scope of related subordinates. It is ordinarily less powerful than etonitazene itself, yet 70x more strong than morphine in creature studies. Comparing analogs where the N,N-diethyl bunch is supplanted by piperidine or pyrrolidine rings likewise hold critical movement (10x and 20x morphine separately).
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