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Rainbow Multivitamin and Mineral complex is a balanced health supplement, containing 25 essential vitamins and minerals as well as

trace elements, formulated to help support your health needs. Multivitamins are a combination of different vitamins normally found in

food sources. They are used to provide vitamins that are not taken in through your diet.

Basically, multivitamins help bridge some nutrient gaps so you can meet the recommended amount of nutrients.

This is also a convenient way of making sure you get all your mineral needs covered.

Rainbow Multivitamin and Mineral complex increases nutrient intakes and helps people obtain recommended amounts of vitamins

and minerals when they do not meet these needs from food alone.

Blueberry Naturals Rainbow Multivitamin Tablets helps fill in the nutrient gap in the diet by providing immune support,

increased energy, and mental alertness. It also helps form red blood cells and supports healthy hair, skin, nails etc.

Antioxidants helps lower the risk of problems like ageing while boosting the immune system and keeping it germ-free.

B vitamins help increase energy levels to ensure efficient metabolism and a healthy nervous system.

It also helps in the formation of red blood cells and nerve cells to keep your brain working well.

Vitamin C and niacin can improve the skin’s health by reducing inflammation and regenerating fresh cells.

Biotin helps cut down fat to create healthy hair and nails.

Vitamin B6 is a vital element responsible for the production of GABA and Serotonin.

The deficiency of these vitamins can result in an imbalance in your mood causing depression.

Calcium and vitamin D can prevent osteoporosis and strengthen the bone structure.

Blueberry Naturals Rainbow Multivitamin Tablets also provides the extra mineral support with magnesium,

calcium, iron, zinc, and selenium, as these minerals are critical for proper metabolic function,

hormone balance and bone strength, among other health benefits. If you take a multivitamin-multimineral everyday,

you will likely start to experience reduced fatigue, higher energy levels, improved cognitive

function and better athletic performance within 6-12 weeks.

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